Drow Spider Brooch


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These Spider Brooches are perfect for Creeping out your friends.

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Nothing says hail to your queen like this Drow Spider Brooch. If you love spiders in all their creepy glory then this is Definitely for you. This pendant is smooth and well crafted.

This Spider Brooch looks just like a real creepy crawly spider.  Freak out your friends and everyone with your love of spiders.

For the Drow, the spider is sacred, they often imbue Brooch’s such as these with dark magic to call upon in times of need.

The Drow, or deep elves are a Race of underground elves that live below the surface of Toril. They seek to dominate others and make sure that they gain wealth and power. beautiful as a surface elf but deadly as poison. The Drow are an enemy few wish to tangle with. Women rule in the society of the Drow. Above all Drow worship spiders as these are gifts from their deadly queen.

This would look great on anyone who loves spiders. Or perfect for larp.  great for costume events as well.  Or if you just love spiders this could be just the thing for you or a friend.

It comes in a dark and light version.

Choose dark or light, but both are equally creepy.

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Weight 6 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 cm

Dark, Light


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