Padded Gambeson striped


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This High Quality Gambeson is made from cotton and polyester.

while it only comes in one size (extra Large) at the moment other sizes can be back ordered on request.


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This High Quality padded Gambeson is made from cotton and polyester. Comfortable to wear. Perfect for larp and re-enactment. This style of Gambeson is something that you would wear under medieval Armour. However it would still look great on its own. In addition you could wear this as the start of your outfit. Then you could add to it later.

Clothing like this was often worn by Knights. The main reasons for this was for comfort and defense. Armour Rubs against the skin. A cloth Gambeson protects against the rubbing by creating a layer of protection. In terms of defense it acts like a shock absorber. Reducing the impact of the blow. In addition this creates a layered defense. This in turn can be considered similar to what you might find on a modern tank. Some were made from thick cloth which would be a way of cheap armour.

Made in the medieval style this is also suitable for fantasy adventures as well. In the fantasy setting a garment like this would definitely be required. The problems mentioned above would be an issue for anyone wearing heavy Armour. Therefore they are solved with this item.

Only coming in one size (extra Large) at the moment other sizes can be back ordered on request. In addition we can order in different colours for you. Consequently If you you need assistance please email us at

note: Not a safety Rated Gambeson. Not suitable for HMB.

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Weight 1030 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 20 cm



Extra Large


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