Stainless Steel Cuff


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This Bangle Has the look of a piece of plate armour great for both fashion and style and for Larping as well.

The stainless steel of the design will last and unlike softer metals it wont corrode or go green.



Materiel: Stainless Steel

Weight 60g

size 6cm diameter, length is 6.5cm

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This Stainless Steel Cuff Has the look of a piece of plate armour.  Great for both fashion, style and for Larping as well. Looks like a small piece of armour on your arm.  Fashionable and fancy great for everyday wear. Feel protected yet fashionable.  Made from stainless steel with some slight flexiblity in the design.  Comfortable and smooth underneath.  Machined smooth to a mirror like finish.

Look amazing in any outfit with our stainless steel cuff.  made to look like a piece of armour but also keeping up with the latest fashion. feel strong and protected all the time.  Also doubles as a cosplay or Larp piece.  made for those who prefer a more simple straight forward look.  Alternately for anyone who wants to look medieval but in a more subtle way.  The design is slightly flexible to allow you to place it on your arm.  Basically it snaps into place on your arm.

The stainless steel of the design will last a lifetime. Strong and scratch resistant yet smooth in design. Unlike softer metals it wont corrode or go green.  This requires a fairly small wrist to wear. However it is very comfortable when it is on your arm.  Has a slight adjustment to fit with the flexible open design.

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Additional information

Weight60 g
Dimensions6.5 × 6 × 6 cm


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