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Battle Cry Larp – 19th of January in Sydney.

Are you in Sydney? have you or someone you know ever thought…what if i could play skirmish but instead of a gun i could bash someone with a sword? or shoot an arrow?
Then check out Battlecry LARP, their first event is coming to Sydney Next Friday the 19th of January. LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. which most of the time means bashing your friends and other people with specially designed weapons.
We will also be there for the event with a tent set up so if you want to drop by and see some of our gear in person come along.
if you want to know more check out these links.
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For the Gamers – Great headset.

i would just like to say that this headset is the best i have ever owned, its tough (average time for me is 3-6 months). i have had it for two years now, and the dogs have yet to break it by being tangled in it and ripping it off my head. and it fits my giant head….it rocks!

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Battle Cry Larp is Coming Soon to Australia.

Hi everyone, just had a bit of news for those interested in LARP (Live Action Roleplay, or bashing people with soft weapons :)) a new Revolution in LARP is set to to hit Australia’s shores if you are in New South wales or the ACT. you should definitely check this website out. even if you are not, you should still check it out!




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Enter our Facebook Competition

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It's Competition time, Just in time for christmas. you could win 1 free item from our store. First prize is any…

Posted by Swords Magic and Dragons on Saturday, November 18, 2017