Everything from larp gear to Re-enactment Armour or just to display can be found here. We have fantasy gear and historical gear recreated to be close to the real thing. Live out your fantasies or live in the past.

Axes, Armour, Larp Gear and clothing all can be found here. Generally anything that doesn’t fit purely in the sword category. The Armory gets its name from Medieval and modern weapons and Armour caches. These are used to storm arms and Armour for armies when not in use. Our Armoury contains Re-enactment Armour and Larp Armour. From Leather to steel and even some plastic items for light weight. Most importantly we have Drinking horns, accessories, bags and lots of odds and ends. As a result we have all your Larp and historical needs covered. In other words there is a bit of everything in here. From Vikings to DnD, The middle ages to middle Earth and Neverwinter wood to Nottingham forest. Live out your Dreams, or recreate history. Above all be sure to stock your personal armory to the top!

We are based out of Canberra, Australia and all items are shipped from our Canberra warehouse straight to you as soon as possible. (often the same day!) Local Delivery is available for free for Canberra and the surrounding areas. so what are you waiting for get your Fantasy gear Today!

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

We have both after pay and paypal available as payment options. For safe and secure payments.

Showing 1–16 of 82 results

Showing 1–16 of 82 results