Restricted items Policy

Some items that we have for sale have the “restricted item” tag on them. This means that this order is subject to terms and conditions in order to be sold.

this normally applies to things like swords, axes, hammers, and other items that may be considered weapons. We try to include this information on the product description.

these terms and conditions are listed below.

note: the term “restricted items” as used on this website refers only to this website and is not a legal term and does not apply to state laws”

Terms and conditions for purchasing restricted items.

1. these items are 18+ only and you may be required to provide photo id.

2. some items are not available for sale in certain locations, where possible we try to include this information on the product. for example in Victoria swords and knives are not permitted to be sold, as a result we will not be able to sell these items to Victoria unless you have the correct paperwork included in your order.

3. some items cannot be transferred through customs. where this is the case will not be able to send the items to you.

4. if you cannot meet the above requirements and we cannot send the items to you but you have already paid for the items then you will receive a full refund for any items within 7 days (normally much sooner than this).

5. laws vary from state to state where possible we will be aware of these laws, and items will be restricted to these locations However we may not have the latest information, so it is important that the customer abide by his or her state laws. Swords magic and dragons is not responsible for any breach of these laws by the customer.

6. please use these items responsibly, most states require that these types of items be covered up during transportation and are not to be used in public spaces or for criminal and threatening use. it is the customers responsibility to use the items in a law abiding manner.

7. even though some of our weapons are foam/faux weapons the same laws may apply as we have “appearance laws”where even an item that looks like the real thing can be restricted. we will generally be permitted to sell our foam/faux weapons to people under the age of 18.


the following information is a Guide only and may not be up to date with the latest laws. please double check with your local police station or licencing department before purchasing restricted items.

Known local laws for Australia.

All states – maces, morning stars, nunchuku, ninja stars, 3 sectional chains, 9 sectional chains, any flick knives, knuckle dusters and trench knives are all considered illegal as such we will not be selling these items.

axes and hammers are generally ok as these have other non weapon uses.

sword, dagger and crossbow laws vary from state to state, swords are generally considered to be permitted however we advise that you keep these weapons in a blunt condition.

note: We are located in the ACT and at this time do not have a dealers licence, this means that at this time we cannot issue daggers or crossbows.

State breakdown.

Victoria – swords, daggers and crossbows are considered illegal without a special permit, see victorian weapons licencing for more details.

ACT – swords are permitted for personal use, Daggers are illegal unless you have a retail licence, crossbows are illegal without an appropriate license, if you wish to acquire a crossbow licence you must apply for one at the firearms registry.

SA – there is no mention of crossbows on the restricted weapons list, but restrictions may still apply. daggers are illegal

QLD – crossbows are a considered a firearm and a category M licence is required contact Queensland firearms for more information. daggers are not mentioned.

swords are permitted at this time.

NT – crossbows are not currently listed as illegal.

WA – crossbows are illegal, swords are generally permitted.

TAS – at this time we do not have an update for Tasmanian laws, however you can find more information at [email protected]


Overseas Customers-

we cannot update all your locations with the relevant local laws, we can only look into customs laws. it is your responsibility to be up to date with the local laws in your state/Country, we may however still require your identification as listed above. Swords magic and dragons is not responsible for the miss use of our products we can only abide by local customs laws for each country not local laws within your country. be aware of your local laws and contact your local police or licensing body for further information.