Riveted Chain maille Aventail


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This chain maille aventail is just what the doctor ordered…so that he can get less patients.

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Made from 9mm Chain maille rings this riveted chain maille Aventail is just what is needed for the next battle. Made in the medieval style, easy to put on and adjust. epic in its look and style. riveted for strength. If you want to look like a medieval knight or a cleric from Bretonia then this is just for you.

Perfect for larp or re-enactment this chain maille is the real deal and can protect you in battle. no defense is 100 percent but every little bit counts. This suits larger size heads and shoulders and is easy to put on and adjust. comfortable with leather on the inside on critical areas. this is a great item to have for all occasions. perfect for larp, re-enactment, DND and going on adventure.

Riveted chain maille is much stronger than butted chain maille. the links dont come loose anywhere near as easily. unlike butted chain maille where you might find that you have to patch it up all the time with loose rings. Riveted chain maille is perfect for the long haul, Or a long march.

weight – 1.7kg

size approx – 22 cm or 3xl to 6xl in size – if you have a gambeson or leather armour underneath it you will want a looser fit. if you are a medium to large size person this will also fit you the fit may just be a bit looser, but it depends on what you are wearing underneath it.

Can be worn without a gambeson as the collar section is cloth and leather and that is where you hold the weight of it, but will be more comfortable with a gambeson underneath.

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Weight 1.7 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 7 cm


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