Brown Leather Fire Bracers


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These Quality Brown Leather Fire Bracers are great for archery, larp or anything else you want a cool looking bracer for.

they are made from Genuine Leather and have flame style patterns cut into them.

these bracers are handmade.

Includes two pieces of Arm Armour.

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If you like the look of Flames then these Brown Leather Fire Bracers will be just the thing for you. The Flaming Style will go with many outfits. Looking amazing on a warrior or Ranger. These would also suit archers to protect your arm from the strike of the bowstring. As well as making great armour for larp or medieval re-enactment.

Suitable for larp, archery or cosplay. or any other activity you need a leather bracer for! These bracers are made from high quality leather. featuring a dual layer of leather with flame like shames cut out of the top layer. These are Truly a striking piece of handmade craftsmanship. In addition The leather is very thick. This will help to cushion any blows that someone would foolishly bring to bear against you.

Amour like this was first made as either protection from slashing or for archers to protect from the bowstrings that were used. From ancient times right through to today they are still used for this purpose.

Adjustable lacing means that it will be a great fit for most arms. The leather on the inside is quite soft and will feel comfortable for extended use. Being genuine leather it will mould to your shape over time as well.

Includes two pieces of Arm Armour.

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