Double Bladed Axe Necklace


Let your inner Barbarian Loose with this Axe Pendant! It is strong just like your Axe arm!

Made from Solid Barbarian style stainless steel this axe won’t corrode, rust or turn green.

Select options from Pendant only or to a necklace.



This Double Bladed Axe Necklace is perfect for the barbarian in you. The double bladed axe is symbolic of the barbarian Tribes. The rough and Tough fighters of many realms. From the tough Dwarven fighters to the human barbarian tribes. Orcs and Goblins also love to use the axe. Here on earth axes like this were used by many European armies and often are thought of in use by the northern viking clans.

The axe was always a woodcutters tool. This was then adapted for battle by making the blade area thinner and lighter. Used from ancient Greece, to the middle ages. From the vikings to the Celts the axe was a common theme in warfare.

The axe has always been a symbol of strength, battle and the worker or common man. In addition it is also thought to control things like the rain, storms, lightning and fertility. If you feel like you need a symbol to focus your strength then this might be just the item for you.

Made from solid stainless steel it is a Truly solid design. Sold either as a pendant or as a necklace. Necklace chains can be 60cm or 50cm lengths.

Material: stainless Steel

Weight: 10 Grams

Dimensions: 5cm x 3.5cm

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Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 1 cm

Pendant only, 60cm Necklace, 50Cm Necklace


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