Dwarven Warhammer Pendant/Necklace


This Dwarven Style Hammer Pendant looks like it is made fresh in the dwarven forges, it is extremely detailed and precise.

It is similar to many War-hammers Found throughout history and Fantasy, if you like a War hammer this is the Pendant for you.

Note: This comes in either Pendant only or as a  Necklace combo for the special price of $5 extra dollars.




This Dwarven Warhammer necklace looks a bit like it was forged by the vikings, or perhaps a god of war.

One thing is for certain, it is an epic hammer!

Made from solid stainless steel this hammer is made to take a hammering.

This item comes in both a necklace or can be sold just as a pendant.

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Weight10 g
Dimensions7 × 2 × 2 cm

Pendant only, Necklace Combo


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