Knights Cross Cuff Bracelet


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The knights of old often had trinkets to give them good luck in battle, this item is no different, it carries a cross, and is made in stainless steel, the design feels amazing on the wrist, and looks fantastic as well.

Materiel: Stainless Steel

Size: fits a medium sized adult wrist – not suitable for children or teenagers with smaller wrists. will flex for larger sized wrists.

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The Knights Cross Cuff Bracelet is very flexible and can fit most wrists. With a striking Knights cross and a chain mail look flexible metal band it is truly an epic piece. Comfortable to wear and quick to take on and off it is convenient, shiny and fantastic.

Used as knightly symbol for centuries The Cross is an ancient christian symbol. While there was some use of the cross before the christian faith adopted it. Little is known of these early origins. However Christians picked up the cross as a symbol. While in the early days there was fears of reprisals against Christians. Eventually the cross became accepted and adopted. It was in great use by the middle ages.

The cross symbolizes the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross. in addition his rebirth in the resurrection. It was told that Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross by the Romans. The Romans thought that Jesus was a heretic. Jesus’s legacy remains today and for the bulk of people the cross represents his legacy and the faith he brought to many people worldwide. In conclusion the cross is a symbol of hope and rebirth. furthermore it was used throughout the middle ages.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm


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