Plain Drinking horn (natural colours)


This horn is plain and uncoloured perfect for those who prefer a more simplistic look

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This Plain Drinking horn is perfect for Larp or going on an adventure! The horn can be crafted or carved onto without any problem. As a result it is Perfect for those who want to craft their own horn.

Drinking horns were in use long before the Viking Age. It is said that the ancient, Greeks, Syrians, Thracian’s and the Germanic tribes all used them. Furthermore the use of horns extended to the Balkan tribes and the caucuses. Drinking horns were sometimes made from Glass, Clay and other materials. Used in ceremonies and Tributes throughout all the ages. Vikings used Drinking horns throughout their culture. Above all Drinking horns were often used by the warrior or soldier class. This is true for most cultures.

This horn is just as nature intended. without colouring it is just washed, cured and treated. Thus retaining its natural colour.

Great for those who want to carve their own designs. Or for those who prefer a more simple style.

Perfect for any viking Style Drinking adventure.

Made from genuine ethically sourced elk horn. The horns are then Cured, cleaned and treated. After this process all that is left is just the clean horn. Which is then ready for drinking.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 52 × 25 × 10 cm

Horn Only, horn with curved Metal stand, Horn with Standard metal stand, Wooden stand


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