Reality D6 White Dice


These Reality Shards Neutron dice are Epic! Made in the USA by gatekeeper games these will be the talk of the table.

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These Reality D6 White Dice from the Reality Shards series will make an impact at your table. Made in the USA by Gatekeeper games. They really make a good set of dice.

Reality Truth Dice Feature Three pearlescent colors following an A-B-C-B-A color scheme from top to bottom.

When viewed from the top they appear to be 1-2 colors, when viewed from the bottom they appear to be the same 1-2 colors, but when viewed from the side all 5 magnificent layers draw you deep into the Reality they represent. Nothing beats the power of a Reality Shard Die!

The location of the numbering makes these dice very easy to read, they feel amazing in your hand and as they roll on the table.

Made of high-impact resin, Gate Keeper Games dice bear the honor of being the heaviest, densest, and most well-balanced resin dice on the planet!

Featuring 12 Premium d6 white and black Dice. or a D7 set of DnD Dice. These dice will add some great flavour for your next game. Coming in a castle shaped clear case these dice make for a great gift.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm

12d6, 7 DnD Dice set


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