Scimitar Necklace


This scimitar necklace features the classic lines of the iconic curved blade.

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This Scimitar Necklace is perfect those who love the Scimitar. Known as The Curved blade of the middle east. In fantasy it is a favored weapon of the Drow. Made from stainless steel. Perfect for those with sensitive skin. In addition it will last forever without tarnish.

The Scimitar is an ancient blade. The Curved design is perfect for use from horseback. In addition it is a great weapon for slashing in Melee. The Origins of the Scimitar vary but its thought to be from Ancient Persia. Used in Africa the middle east, India and lastly South Asia. The design is fantastic, an elegant curved blade . Perfect for Cavalry use it was well suited to horsemen. Commonly used throughout the desert lands of Africa. The jungles of Asia. And lastly the plains of Europe.

In fantasy it is commonly thought to be a weapon of the Drow. Used famously by Drizzit Do Urden. It is perfect for the slashing melee of battle. In addition it makes for a great Pirate sword.

As a symbol the Scimitar is thought to represent Royalty. With regards to indian Culture, it is said Emperor Aurangzeb slayed a charging tiger. He did this with one single blow of his powerful Scimitar. Furthermore The Scimitar features on many heraldry from Asia in the east to Africa in the west. Lastly in Russia and Finland in the Northern lands use the Scimitar.

In addition it Can be sold as a pendant.

Comes with 2 different size chains 50cm and 60cm.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 cm
chain type

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