Snake Bangle


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This Snake bangle is perfect for any snake lovers, made to look just like a cobra snake it fits comfortably on your arm. Shop now from Canberra, Australia.


This Snake Bangle is a whole lot of slithering goodness. The Bangle Features a snake clutching a pair of skulls. Perhaps the skulls were from the snakes victims. If you like snakes then this is a must have.

Snakes as a symbol are all about life and rebirth. Shedding your old life, like a snake sheds its skin. You then shimmy into your new life as you build a new shell. It can also mean eternal life and rebirth of your life. if you were immortal perhaps the snake would symbolize your immortality. Snakes can also be both poisonous and the cure to the poison. So perhaps you are going to raise yourself from your old life and start a new beginning.

This has a very sturdy clip and feels smooth on the wrist. Best of all is that it is a giant snake!

Size – the Bangle is an elliptical shape, and it clips on it doesn’t slide on. the length across the middle is 6cm and it is 5cm high. This is because the human wrist is not perfectly round in shape. generally this would suit a smaller size wrist. The clip makes it much easier to put on than if it were to slide over your wrist.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 7 cm



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