Star Jewel Brooch


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This Jewel Broach is like a shining star and will shine in the light and bring light to the darkest places.

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This Star Jewel Brooch is like a shining star. It will shine in the light Bringing light to the darkest places. The Star Jewel is like a small piece of the night. Brought down and made into jewellery. In the shape of a pointed star. The star jewel is perfect for anyone who likes Elves or the night sky. Lastly Like an explosion of star light the star jewel will make your outfits come to life.

The star jewel is a gift that is given by the elves. They sparkle in the moonlight, and will make any outfit look like it was inspired by the elves. It is said that the star jewel was given as a gift to lovers. If the lovers were apart they would always know the other was safe if the star jewel held its light. In conclusion this star jewel is an inspired design based on the original elven star jewels.

This is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. don’t miss out on one of these beautiful jewels. Perfect for going out for a glamorous event or for any Elven Larping event. The simple clasp and smooth back design allow for ease of use. In Conclusion The Star Jewel Brooch is truly a Glamorous and exotic piece.

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