Viking Axe with Pattern


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If you are about to embark on a viking campaign then you need to have this Axe!

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This Viking style axe is perfect for all Viking Lovers. Also for those who want to chop wood this axe is epic!

The viking Axe was to vikings as a mobile phone is to the modern identity. Essential in all aspects of life. One could chop wood with an axe, defend your family or go raiding. You could use an axe to cut up wood on the trail or carve up your enemies! The axe unlike a sword was heavy at the head of the axe. So this made the balance and style of fighting different to wielding a delicate weapon like a sword. However that weight allowed more power at the striking end of the weapon. With an Axe once you were committed to your strike you had to follow through. Often with devastating effect.

Hand forged from strong Spring steel, this axe is fantastic quality. Made in a similar style to the axes of old and with hand carved decoration this is truly an axe to hold a prized place in your collection. Or feel free to take it camping and cut up some firewood, you will be the talk of the camp.

The Axe comes plain (steel colour) or in Black both with viking style decoration on the axe head.

Note: This axe is hand forged you may see some flaws and small scratches along the head. However we assure you that this product is epic in all ways.

Care instructions: As this is hand forged in the traditional style you do need to oil the axe. We suggest using a gun type oil like inox.

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Weight 1063 g
Dimensions 69 × 16 × 5 cm

Black, Steel


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