Werewolf Sword Necklace


This Werewolf Necklace Features a sword and a howling were wolf.


This Werewolf Necklace Features a sword and a howling were wolf. Made from Stainless steel you can wear your werewolf heritage proudly. This Necklace will not be harmful to werewolves. Perfect if you are a were wolf. or if you just like howling wolves or swords. In Conclusion be sure to come out and show your wolf side on the next full moon.

Werewolves or Lycanthropes are shapeshifters. Shifting between wolf and human form. Resistant to most attacks. were wolves are vulnerable to silver. the were wolves often shape shift on a full moon. or find that a full moon is the perfect time to run with the pack. Featuring strongly in medieval folklore. Were wolves were often featured during the time of the witch trials. Were wolves are often humans in wolf form. With long fangs and strong claws. You will look like a voracious member of your pack while you wear this necklace.

Show off your Werewolf heritage with this epic piece. Or maybe you just like wolves and swords, either way it is a great necklace.

Material: stainless Steel

Comes as a necklace or can be ordered as a pendant. Necklace chains come in 50cm or 60cm lengths.

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Additional information

Weight 9 g
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1 cm

Pendant Only, Necklace 50cm, Necklace 60Cm


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