Purple Unicorn headband


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This unicorn head band is comfortable and easy to put on.

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This Purple Unicorn headband is perfect anyone who wants to be a unicorn! Comfortable yet epic, the perfect accessory. Great for all aspiring unicorns who want to look super cute. includes bow and a comfortable fitting band. The Purple Unicorn headband is lightly padded. Further more if you seek to be the most majestic unicorn then you must have it! All of this with just a splash of purple. If you like this horn you probably have asked a question like… who wants to be a pink unicorn when i can be a Purple one. This rich dark Purple is Perfect for any purple lover.

Featuring an epic purple horn with white a bow. Each headpiece sits firmly but gently on your head. The bar is quite flexible. It will fit most sized heads from 5 years old to adult hood. In addition the headpiece is very comfortable. Also it is incredibly cute. So what are you waiting for get epic. Get Purple, and get to be a unicorn. Simply the best look to have out and about anywhere.

lastly the horn is padded and makes you look like an Epic purple unicorn. What more is there to say.

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