Sparkling Unicorn Earrings


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if you love unicorns you will love these sparkling earrings.

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These Sparkling Unicorn Earrings are both magical and Shiny. No matter your age you are never too old of Unicorns! These unicorns shine in the light of the moon. Furthermore they sparkle in the sun as they catch the light. A must for any unicorn lover.

The Unicorn is one of the rarest creatures of fantasy. A woodland creature of Extreme rarity, Purity and Grace. White, pure and sparkling. Wild and free, the unicorn is a symbol of grace, freedom and Majesty. You will look majestic, epic, wild and free. With your Unicorn earrings everyone will envy at your grace and beauty. To see a unicorn is the rarest of delights. to touch one is even more rare. With these earrings you will be as majestic as this ancient creature.

These Unicorn earrings look shiny and pure. like captured moonlight combined with the grace of this majestic forest creature. Sitting comfortably perched on your ears like an epic creature on a mountain top.

If you love unicorns you will love these sparkling earrings. Get yours today. With a smooth back they wont irritate your ears. In addition they will make your ears look majestic. The envy of all your unicorn loving friends.

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Weight 6 g
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